About us

We founded Concierge Travel Group in 1979 with a dream to deliver outstanding travel arrangements, customised offerings, and personalised services to both leisure and business travellers. Establishing and building relationships with each of our customers and industry partners drives our continued success and growth.

Acting as core trusted advisers, we combine years of experience, exclusive offerings, and the latest technological advances to bring unique travel opportunities to the table. We aim to bring constant, mutually beneficial outcomes to all parties. Our passion, professionals, and dedication make it possible.

Concierge Travel Group is leading the way in travel.

Our leading brands include Concierge Business Travel, Concierge Traveller, Alquemie, Points Bank, Freighter Expeditions, and Elegant Resorts & Villas.

Concierge Travel


Meet the team

David Greenland : Chief Executive Officer

David Greenland

Chief Executive Officer

I’ve spent 29 years in this industry. Travel and travel management is what I know best. I strongly believe that travel management is most effective when you make it simple. The complexity is ours to deal with behind the scenes. We try to make it look easy to our clients and to that end, my role is to ensure the team is working collectively to achieve the best results for our clients and shareholders.

Jamie Strickland : General Manager

Jamie Strickland

General Manager

I’ve loved travel for over 25 years not just as an insider in the industry but an avid traveller myself. It’s this mindset that I try to bring to each aspect of a customer experience. I take pride in my team’s expertise in getting to know our customers and then transforming that knowledge into tailored travel solutions, exclusive deals, and upgrades, and more.

Maria Barberowski : I.T. Operations Manager

Maria Barberowski

I.T. Operations Manager

Travel technology has grown by leaps in bounds in the last few years. At Concierge Travel Group, I facilitate the development and implementation of our travel management tools that support everything from online booking to itinerary apps. Ultimately, my goal is to make our technology seamless and travel easier.

Avinash Ramsinghani : Finance Manager

Avinash Ramsinghani

Finance Manager

I manage the finance team to ensure the finance systems and processes are running efficiently and seamless so we can meet the needs of our clients. Financial accuracy and timeliness is a key part of my role as this enables us to empower our employees and clients with the knowledge and insight on their travel spend. In short, I ensure that everything makes sense financially – not just for our shareholders but also for our employees and customers.

Denise Schelbergen : Product Manager

Denise Schelbergen

Product Manager