Concierge Business Travel opens in New Zealand

In response to increasing demand from our clients in Australia to deliver travel management services on both sides of the Tasman, we are pleased to announce that today we opened a satellite travel office in New Zealand.

The opening of this fully licenced travel agency now allows Concierge Business Travel to offer clients in both Australia and New Zealand the same products and services using a common service level agreement, supplier arrangements and with consolidated management reporting.

Linking the satellite office with our Sydney office enables extended servicing hours for our New Zealand clients from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, as well as an after- hours service operating from 8pm until 8am Monday to Friday, weekends and New Zealand public holidays.

New Zealand clients are able to contact the Concierge Business Travel support services via a free call number.

After some final testing of systems, the first client for this Trans-Tasman solution is scheduled to commence trading on Monday 23rd November 2015.